Frequently Asked Questions


Mon-Friday 9 AM-3PM
(905) 878-6699

If you have any questions that you do not see here, use our contact page to send a request or call (905) 878-6699.

Who is eligible to receive meal delivery?
* Hot or frozen meals service is available to Milton area residents who are unable to prepare meals for themselves on a short or long-term basis.

How long does it take to arrange service?
*We can typically deliver meals the follow day, depending on what time of day initial contact is made.

How do I arrange service?
* Either with a simple phone call (905)878-6699  OR  you can download & email our application form.  You can email the form to:

Where do the meals come from?
* Our hot meals are supplies by Allendale Long Term Care in Milton.  Our frozen meals can be ordered from either Allendale OR Apetito.

How long of a commitment do I need to make?
*There is no commitment when ordering, often people get meals for a short amount of time while they are recuperating from a hospital stay.

What time are the meals delivered?
* Hot meals are delivered between 11:00-1 p.m depending on where you are on a meal route.

What happens if I am not home?
* Prior arrangements can be made for us to leave the meal elsewhere.  If meals need to be left at your door, then a cooler needs to be left to ensure the food stays at the correct temperature.  If prior arrangements are not made then the office will follow up with an emergency contact and advise that contact was not made.

How do I cancel a delivery?
* We appreciate as much notice as possible but any cancellations past 9 am for that same day and there will be a charge for that days meal.  All cancellations can be made either by phone (905)878-6699 or email.

Who delivers the meals?
* Meals are deliver by volunteers in your own community.  Each volunteer has undergone training and has had a police screening done.  Anyone interested in volunteering can call (905)878-6699 and speak with Sherri.

Are special diets available?
* Our hot menu is prepared fresh daily without the addition of salt.  The meals are balanced by a nutritionist and each meal consists of soup, salad, bread, entree & dessert.  We can make adjustments to accommodate diabetics, renal etc and pureed or minced meals can be accomodated via our frozen meals programs.

How do I volunteer and what does it entail?
* You can fill out an application and submit it together with a current police check (vulnerability screener).  You would then be interviewed and accompany an experienced volunteer on a route or two.  We would be happy to discuss volunteer opportunities with you.

Call Sherri at: (905) 878-6699

Bad Weather Policy
* On days with hazardous driving conditions, we may have to cancel meal delivery for the safety of our volunteer drivers.  Typically, if are school buses are cancelled that is a good indicator that we will not be delivering.  Call (905)878-6699 and our voice mail will have information on any cancellations.

Bad  Weather Policy Document

Complains, Comments and Issues Policy
* Milton Meals on Wheels appreciated feedback and recognizes that all complaints or appeals mush be addressed in an appropriate and timely manner.

Complaints Policy Document




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