Frozen Meals

Frozen meals are available for delivery each Friday.  We have 2 companies that provide food for us, Apetito & Allendale.  Meals are sold in bulk and need to be ordered by noon on Wednesday for delivery on Friday.

Fees are as follows:

Apetito: 7 entrees for $34.00

5 entrees plus 5 soups OR 5 desserts for $34.00

Allendale: 7 entrees for $34.00

7 entrees plus 7 soups OR 7 desserts $36.00

7 entrees plus 7 soups AND 7 desserts $39.00

You are welcom to order once a week or once a year, this program is designed for either daily meals or as a back up for those days that you just don’t want to cook!!

Click the links below to view our menus:





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